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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letter to the Mayor of El Mirage

Dear Mayor Mook,
It is indeed sad that the members of the City Council in El Mirage
did not have the foresight to comprehend the significance of Thomas Schultz' influence in the arts.
Nor, to take seriously his years of experience. As a result, I think you will find it very hard to attract
the quality of art and artists, Thomas had to offer.
The fact that he provided his services to the City of El Mirage, for so little in return
attests to the quality of his character, the integrity of his work ethic and his love for the arts
 ~ even in the face of unfulfilled promises.
In light of these revelations, many of my fellow artists are grateful 
for not having acted on the false promises of the  'Arts Move El Mirage' only to find
ourselves stranded in a small town, with leaders unable to see the bigger picture. 
You may not understand now what a foolish move it was on your part, to treat Thomas with such disrespect.
'But we,  like elephants ... In the greater Phoenix fine arts community... have a long memory'.
Suffice it to say, you cannot create an art movement without genuine movers and shakers.
The best of luck to you trying in the meantime.
Artist, Kathleen D. Cone
Cone Gallery Arts, Phoenix

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