Marley Park Gallery: Summer Art Series

13243 N. Founders Park Blvd., Surprise, AZ 85379

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Artoons

Saturday Morning Artoons....9:00am every Saturday morning, just like when you were a kid.....Music, Art and Cereal, morning attire preferred.

Id: Paintings by Bruce Charles

Artist Statement:
To put it simply I just paint. I have no definitive subject or inspiration outside of the media I am using and/or the process itself. The paint is my subject. The relationship of the colors, the relationship of the shapes and the textures and the lines that I use are all my subjects. Sometimes I’ll add words and simple drawings to convey an emotion or idea but generally I try to be free of politics in my work. It’s about simplicity and the impulses of childhood and raw innocence more than anything else. Everything flows from the subconscious and pours on to the canvas with a focus or concentration on the experience of the creation. 
I decided to call the exhibition Id because it is a term referring to one part of the three part psychic apparatus as defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche. According to Freud the id is comprised of the unorganized part of the personality structure which contains the basic drives. The id is the unconscious by definition. I believe this is the genesis of my work.
Bruce Charles

Currently the gallery is Exhibiting Id: Paintings by Bruce Charles.  The artist reception was last Thursday which was well received,  there were quite a few people in attendance.  The gallery is open every Saturday from 10-4pm as well as by appointment.  You can view pictures of the installation at  or stop by and check it out....