Marley Park Gallery: Summer Art Series

13243 N. Founders Park Blvd., Surprise, AZ 85379

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Because You Could

Just Because You Could

You pulled wings off flies
Laughing as they leapt for flight
Only to return to the ground
Hovered over mounds in the summer sun
Singeing ants with a magnifying glass
And smiling as they smoked
Pumped up your pellet gun as hard as you could
And shot song birds
Exhilarating in the explosion of feathers
Tripped Trick-Or-Treaters on Halloween
Reveling as their plastic pumpkins
Sent sweets spilling on the sidewalk
Stuffed freshmen into lockers
Brazenly bullying them
Because you were bigger
Told the plump girl her butt looked big
Cackling as she cried
And ran to hide her tears in the bathroom
Extinguished art in El Mirage
Flexing your political muscles
And flaunting your newfound power
Just because you could

Copyright© by Cameron Milkins - 4/6/2011

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